Monday, May 7, 2012

Thousands without power after Japan tornadoes

A man removes debris from a damaged apartment building after a tornado ripped through the residential area of Tsukuba city in Ibaraki prefecture, north eastern Tokyo on May 7, 2012. -- PHOTO: AFP

TOKYO (AFP) - More than 3,000 homes were without electricity on Monday, a day after apparent tornadoes tore through eastern Japan, killing one person and injuring at least 46 more.
Nearly 900 houses were damaged as gusting winds whipped through the prefectures of Ibaraki and Tochigi, near Tokyo, splintering wooden homes and tearing down trees and power cables.

The only known fatality from the storms, which hit on Sunday afternoon, was a 14-year-old boy who was crushed to death when his house collapsed, officials said.
The government's Fire and Disaster Management Agency said 36 people were injured in Ibaraki, on the northern edge of a plain stretching from the capital, and 440 homes were damaged, some of them badly.

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